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REMSRapid Eye Movement Sleep
REMSRisk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy
REMSRemote Environmental Monitoring System (various companies)
REMSRegistered Equipment Management System
REMSRemote Sensors
REMSResearch, Engineering, Manufacturing & Sustaining (various locations)
REMSRemotely Employed Sensor
REMSRCRA Enforcement Management System
REMSRemote Electronic Monitoring Systems
REMSRemotely Emplaced and Monitored Sensor
REMSRescue and Emergency Medical Services (UK)
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It was reported on Monday that the United States Food and Drug Administration has approved a modified Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy for Danish-based Lundbeck's Sabril (vigabatrin).
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) coined a new one, REMS: risk evaluation and mitigation strategy.
Allergan said the FDA indicated it must first review the company's proposed Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy for the medicine before approving it for the movement disorder common to stroke sufferers.
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