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RBPSRaritan Bay Power Squadron (New Jersey)
RBPSRisk-Based Performance Standards (chemical facility security; US DHS)
RBPSRisk-Based Process Safety
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If a facility elects to participate in the accelerated approval program, it would certify under penalty of perjury that it has met all the risk-based performance standards for ensuring the site's security against terrorist attacks.
Those facilities that DHS determines to be "high-risk" must prepare security vulnerability assessments, which identify areas in the facility that are at risk for the release, theft or sabotage of chemicals, and develop and implement site security plans, which include measures that satisfy the identified risk-based performance standards.
Additionally, while the site security plan requirements in the EAP guidance document are based upon the Risk-Based Performance Standards guidance document published in 2009, the EAP is generally prescriptive in nature.
DHS also sought input on the CFATS program's risk-based performance standards, its treatment of nontraditional chemical facilities, the program's alignment with other regulatory programs, and its impact on small business.
These SSPs must meet DHS Risk-Based Performance Standards.