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RNALReach North Asia Loop (telecommunications system; various nations)
RNALReference Neutron Activation Library (International Atomic Energy Agency; Austria)
RNALReal Nice and Laidback (gaming group)
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With a consistent supply of parts, further cost improvement was realized through improved efficiency of the manufacturer's inte rnal assembly line performance.
By the same token, signs of working-class remobilization in the late 1990s have encouraged a renewed sense of political purpose in the jou rnal.
the strict avoidance of domain-inte rnal sequences of plosives.
samoensis is a largely diu rnal species that roosts within trees either singly or in small family groups (male, female, and single offspring).
of Bacewicz's development] that is best comprehended by following the inte rnal and external events of her life" (p.
It is a good bureaucratic principle that the more boundaries you have within a system, the greater the scope for disagreement; and no system now can have more inte rnal boundaries than the railway.
Article 24 emphasizes the goal of obliterating the Military Government; Article 26 mentions the struggle for a just solution to the problem of the inte rnal refugees; Article 29 calls for a solution to the Palestinian refugee problem through peaceful negotiations between the parties; and Article 31 mentions the struggle for World peace and for peace in the Middle East.
The thick-cylinder theory was employed to investigate the difference between creep strains on the Inte rnal and external surfaces of the MOPE pipe.
observed in the Wall Street Jou rnal (December 31, 1999) that "the business cycle--a creation of the Industrial Age--may well become an anachronism.
Visions are also used for describing a future organic system or an exte rnal standard to which the organization can strive, thereby qualifying its use as conceptual leadership.
A comparison of an organization's resource "profile" before it is willing to enter electoral politics with the profile afterward suggests how exte rnal actors can try to manipulate the resources available to the organization in order to give the upper hand to the politicos.
He responds, therefore, to Emilia's confused intuition that some "ete rnal villain" has "devis'd this slander" by asserting "there is no such man" (4.