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RNGRandom Number Generator
RNGRanger (Everquest)
RNGRelax NG (filename extension, schema language for XML)
RNGArmy National Guard (usually seen as ARNG)
RNGRenormalization Group (theory used with k-epsilon turbulence models)
RNGRelative Neighborhood Graph
RNGRandom Number God
RNGRoundnose Grenadier (FAO species name code)
RNGReally Nice Guy
RNGReconfigurable Network Group
RNGRandom NetHack God
RNGRadioactive Noble Gas
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The RNG k-[epsilon] turbulence model predicted airflow patterns, air distributions, and air velocities similar to PIV data throughout the room space.
The only difference was a smoother response from the Realizable model in comparison with RNG.
and the monotonicity and antimonotonicity of the functions rng and dom, respectively.
The eight RNG projects cited in the report show what can be done on this "green fuel" frontier.
By July 1, RNG from the anaerobic digestion of hog manure had been injected into the natural gas pipeline grid, utilizing an interconnect that was installed at Ruckman Farm where they'll begin RNG injection into ANR pipeline.
Susidares laminarinis ir turbulentinis srautas ciklone esant tangentiniam itekejimui apskaiciuotas skaitiniu budu taikant SFD metodika ir du skirtingus turbulentinius modelius: standartini k-[epsilon] ir RNG k-[epsilon] turbulentini modeli su nepusiausviros sieneles funkcijomis (Spalding 2002).
The planned Cnossen facility demonstrates our commitment to a strategy of deploying our modular, multi-digester design in order to increase RNG production capacity under our control," said Richard Kessel, CEO of Environmental Power.
In the first such study (Roe, Holt, & Simmonds, 2003) the RNG was run in the receiver's room in an otherwise standard ganzfeld study.
Key industry players are profiled in depth and worldwide revenue and capacity forecasts for raw biogas and RNG production, segmented by region and industrial segment, extend through 2022.
The WWTPs anaerobic digestion process is capable of producing RNG vehicle fuel
It is expected, that over the five-year period, the transition to RNG will reduce Metro's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by over 520,000 metric tons over the use of regular natural gas and by almost 900,000 metric tons over the use of diesel.
There are no special upgrades to furnaces, water heaters and other equipment needed to use RNG.