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RNGRandom Number Generator
RNGRanger (Everquest)
RNGRelax NG (filename extension, schema language for XML)
RNGArmy National Guard (usually seen as ARNG)
RNGRenormalization Group (theory used with k-epsilon turbulence models)
RNGRelative Neighborhood Graph
RNGRandom Number God
RNGRoundnose Grenadier (FAO species name code)
RNGReally Nice Guy
RNGReconfigurable Network Group
RNGRandom NetHack God
RNGRadioactive Noble Gas
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MOVE Systems engineers energy-efficient hybrid mobile food vehicles that can run on CNG or RNG, batteries and solar panels, and radically reduce emissions from diesel-fueled carts.
The RNG [kappa]-[epsilon] model provides slightly better results in enclosed environments than the standard [kappa]-[epsilon] model and does not need much more computing time.
e] from the jet exit plane we can see that the contour plots corresponding to the LDV measurements, and respectively to the LES and laminar are similar but on the other hand RMS and RNG k-[epsilon] models have already differences.
Castle Casino provides live roulette, live blackjack and live baccarat, as well as over 50 video slots, RNG blackjack and roulette, video poker and other games like keno, bingo and casino games based on Texas Hold'em.
The concentration of RnG varied considerably, from 13 to 280 kBq/[m.
Both numerical results by CFD with the RNG k-[epsilon] model and LBM agree reasonably well with the general trends of experimental data.
Susidares laminarinis ir turbulentinis srautas ciklone esant tangentiniam itekejimui apskaiciuotas skaitiniu budu taikant SFD metodika ir du skirtingus turbulentinius modelius: standartini k-[epsilon] ir RNG k-[epsilon] turbulentini modeli su nepusiausviros sieneles funkcijomis (Spalding 2002).
Pursuant to the long-term purchase agreement with PG&E, PG&E has agreed to purchase up to 8,000 MMBtu of RNG daily from Environmental Power facilities.
The objective of this study is to use PIV data to evaluate the applicability of three-dimensional RNG k-[epsilon] models for indoor airflow of animal buildings with different inlet Reynolds numbers.
The only difference was a smoother response from the Realizable model in comparison with RNG.
In the first such study (Roe, Holt, & Simmonds, 2003) the RNG was run in the receiver's room in an otherwise standard ganzfeld study.
RSA's effort is not wholly altruistic: Intel has promised to distribute Crypto-C and Crypto-J to the members of its own developer community, so that they can take advantage of the RNG.