ROSTARussian Telegraph Agency (TASS predecessor 1918-1925)
ROSTARegional Office for Science and Technology in Africa (UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)
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With a rosta of 19 players, including Akuma - who is no longer a hidden character - there's hours and hours of play.
The loss of the land would leave little buffer between his office and the widened street, raising concerns about safety, graffiti and other mischief, Rosta said.
The first Rosta windows were drafted by the illustrator and stage designer Mikhail Cheremnykh.
The protruding, smaller pair of rollers "climbs" over the obstacle, and the following pair of supporting rollers swivels out via the Rosta spring suspension and harmoniously matches the running surfaces to the new level of the path.
ZAO Rosta has turnover of some EUR400m and it employs 1,600 persons in 25 distribution centres.
Another key feature is the Rosta rubber suspension dements, which the company said provide a dampening and silencing effect, along with extending the lifespan of both the tensioner and surrounding equipment parts.
Chief executive John Metcalf said more acquisitions were likely, with the company aiming for a rosta of three established brands.
The Lovejoy Rosta tensioner is designed for large motors, such as the 300-hp unit that drives the Wagner pulverizer.
The fines conveyor has a 32-inch plain belt and Rosta scraper on the head drum.
based Sunsweet's Sola Rosta Meatballs are made with Sola Rosta, a dried plum puree extender that delivers fat-like characteristics to meat, making it taste tender, moist and juicy.
With Air Express new to the National Stud rosta in 1999 but Celtic Swing off to France, a deal was concluded by BBA director Johnnie Lewis during the horses-in-training sales at Tattersalls last month for Be My Chief to stand next year in Sweden.
The school offered lectures by Rosta workers and tried to provide practical training but had no significant impact because it closed only weeks after it opened.