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RWMPRegional Water Monitoring Partnership (Australia)
RWMPRoad Weather Management Program
RWMPRegional Waste Management Plan (various countries)
RWMPRegional Water Master Plan (California)
RWMPRaw Water Master Plan (various locations)
RWMPReading, Writing and Mathematics Proposals Pool (educational fund)
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The Weather Responsive Traffic Management Program is one of the major focus areas of FHWA's Road Weather Management Program.
Since 2011, the Road Weather Management Program, with support from the ITS Joint Program Office, has collaborated with the State departments of transportation in Michigan, Minnesota, and Nevada on the Integrated Mobile Observations project.
Percent Share and Types of Weather-Related Crashes Total Annual Crashes Average = 5,748,564 Weather-Related Crashes 22% Other Crashes 78% Weather-Related Crashes By Road Weather Condition Wet Pavement 70% Icy Pavement 13% Snow/Slushy Pavement 15% Fog 2% Source: FHWA Road Weather Management Program.
FHWA established the seeds of the Road Weather Management Program more than a decade ago to research, develop, and deploy strategies and tools to help road managers respond more effectively to inclement weather.
The FHWA Road Weather Management Program continues to review current practices, document the benefits of existing approaches, and identify needs, such as strategies applicable for use on arterials and freeways.
Through the Road Weather Management Program, FHWA recently analyzed the effects of adverse weather on macroscopic (aggregate, big picture) traffic flow and quantified changes in traffic speed, capacity, and density.
Researchers with FHWA's Road Weather Management Program recently incorporated weather factors into existing Traffic Estimation and Prediction Systems (TrEPS).
For this study, researchers with the Road Weather Management Program implemented the weather-related features in DYNASMART and applied the system to a real-world road network.
The Road Weather Management Program is looking at the types and characteristics of data, the sources and procedures used to gather them, and how transportation agencies and motorists use this information in making decisions.