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ROADRoadway Express (stock symbol)
ROADRouting and Addressing Group
ROADReversible Obstructive Airway Disease
ROADRetired On Active Duty
ROADRadiology, Ophthalmology, Anesthesiology and Dermatology
ROADReorganization Objective Army Divisions
ROADRural Ontario Anarchist Development (Canada)
ROADRecherche Opérationnelle et Aide à la Décision (French)
ROADReading Opens All Doors
ROADRebel Outlaw Autoduelists (gaming)
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The brightly colored truck cabs and trailers of Roadway Express roll up and down the road at their Hagerstown, Md.
Hart is the second Roadway Express employee charged in connection with the theft of the Oscars - three of which are still missing.
Owens on March 3 via a Roadway Express truck, and "arrived without incident" on March 8, Davis says.
A Roadway Express employee accused of stealing the statuettes pleaded no contest to grand theft and was sentenced to five years' probation.
One count of grand theft was filed against Roadway Express trucker Lawrence Edward LeDent, but prosecutors declined to charge loading dock worker Anthony Keith Hart, citing insufficient evidence.
Davis said there will be enough Oscars to go around on the big night, even without the 50-plus golden boys that disappeared from a Roadway Express shipping dock.