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RODARecord of Decision/Agreement (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory)
RODARegardless of Destination Airport
RODARodenstock Optic Disc Analyzer (Rodenstock Instrumente GmbH; Munich, Germany)
RODARed de Organizaciones No Gubernamentales En Derecho Ambiental de Mesoamérica (Spanish: Network of Non-Governmental Organizations in Environmental Law in Mesoamerica)
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The lone goal for Roda Academy was scored by Usman in the 25th minute of the match.
Roda was arrested with two other Lebanese nationals last year and charged with terrorism-related offenses after a large cache of weapons was discovered at his home in Kano, the largest city in the mainly Muslim north.
Roda feels Sykes is doing an outstanding job, and said: "Tom is on the same level or even stronger than last year.
To carve such a channel, Roda and his team calculate that almost 90,000 cubic kilometres of water must have flowed through it for perhaps a month.
Relegation-threatened Roda lost the game 2-0 to AZ Alkmaar and an apologetic Nemeth has been handed a five-match suspension.
They suspected them of being members of the Lebanon-based organisation, after a raid on a residence linked to Roda in the main northern city of Kano uncovered anti-tank weapons, landmines, heavy artillery, rocket-propelled grenades and automatic rifles.
But Roda was found guilty of conspiracy to import weapons into the country and sentenced to life imprisonment.
Roda held Ajax to a draw at Amsterdam Arena last season but have lost their main striker Sanharib Maliki, whose 17 goals kept them in Eredivisie last season on the way to a 16th-place finish.
Springfield police arrested Roda in May after a girl reported that he had persuaded her to participate in sexual acts with him at local movie theaters when she was younger than 14.
Bot Roda began his solo career as a cartoon map maker in 1994 when he let his love of all things artistically animated guide him to open Bot Roda Studio.
Currently, there are four Roda stores in Bulgaria a two in Sofia and two in Stara Zagora.
He said: "Anouar's a flair player, he's had a fantastic season with Roda.