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ROISRecovery Oriented Integrated System (substance abuse; UK)
ROISRelation Oriented Inference System
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But this method cannot decode all ROIs coefficients before all BG coefficients are decoded because some residual bitplanes cannot be shifted at the encoder.
In this paper, a flexible bitplanes shift coding method using general layered bitplane shift (GLBShift) is proposed, which can efficiently solve the five problems in Maxshift method and ensure all ROIs to be decoded before BG is decoded for medical images.
This mask indicates which wavelet coefficients belong to an ROI and to which one if multiple ROIs are defined.
Kada, Kada Mobile Platform, Kada Mobile Ready to Optimize Implementations and Kada Mobile ROI are trademarks or registered trademarks of Kada Systems, Inc.
A return to business fundamentals, including old-line ROI calculations and cost-cutting measures, is overdue.
If your supplier or any other trading partner does not see a positive ROI from B2B, the supply chain changes intended will not stick.
Using a simple model for ROI, we were able to justify purchasing eBizness Transact and were able to keep it within the scope of our near-term budget period," said Matt Sidden, manager of electronic commerce, ECMD, an IPNet customer.
Perhaps the most important deciding factor for me was that ROI matches my belief in stability and commitment to customer service.
TMS Concepts is positioned well to succeed with MANAGE 2000," says Phil Moen, ROI Systems' vice-president of sales and client services.
MANAGE 2000 is a registered trademark of ROI Systems, Inc.
The ROI Business Partner program commits ROI resources to fill critical roles while resellers are learning how to clearly present MANAGE 2000(R) capabilities to solve each prospective user's issues.
ROI Systems' experienced team of implementers and business process improvement experts complete the entire implementation and provide ongoing service for all business partner clients, rather than simply assisting new partners for a short period of time as is the case with most partner programs.