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The roll call vote or nominal voting will reveal the identities of those with courage and will to defy the House leaderships agenda for the final passage of the bill and those who may have succumbed to intimidation and pressures from House leaders,' Lagman said in a statement.
I assume that presidents decide whether to support the yea or nay position on a roll call vote before Congress by comparing the utility of the yea outcome to that of the nay outcome.
Expanding background checks to all firearms purchases (Senate roll call vote 104)
Finding how MEPs voted is straightforward enough for roll call votes held in plenary session, but votes in EP committees are anonymous.
According to Engle, the vote might have been close, and Boehner should have called for a roll call vote rather than a voice vote.
Section 2 of SJR10/SJR23 provides: "Total outlays for any fiscal year shall not exceed 18 percent of the gross domestic product of the United States for the calendar year ending before the beginning of such fiscal year, unless two-thirds of the duly chosen and sworn Members of each House of Congress shall provide by law for a specific amount in excess of such 18 percent by a roll call vote.
Immediately after Clinton's speech, delegates at the Democratic National Convention made the nomination official in a state-by-state roll call vote.
On April 4, the Senate agreed by unanimous consent to consider the joint resolution, agreed to the committee amendment, and, after considerable debate, passed the joint resolution by a roll call vote of 82-6.
The roll call vote of confidence is currently imminent at the plenary hall.
Then, during the roll call vote of delegates, once it became clear that Mr.
Representatives of Mrs Clinton and Mr Obama struck a deal setting ground rules for the roll call vote that handed the nomination to Mr Obama, while also allowing Mrs Clinton's supporters to express their support for her.