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ROLORhythm of Life Organization (est. 1966; San Francisco, CA)
ROLORecords of Legitimate Origin (music/album collectors)
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Many have also expressed concern for his beloved dog Rolo and a number have said they would adopt him, however, he is now back with Mr Ellam's family after being treated by a vet for minor injuries.
John Cullen, Dogs Trust Kenilworth Rehoming Centre assistant manager, said: "With unusually big ears, Rolo could easily be mistaken for the Easter Bunny.
With Rolo there, I can, because I know she'll tell me if I'm about to have an asthma attack and so I can safely go upstairs.
3) Pour into the mix the double cream and continue to whisk for a couple of minutes until its very thick like mousse, this could take more like five minutes depending on your mixer, it will hold itself completely when finished mixing, If you don't mix it enough it will not set well 3) Chop the Rolos up into quarters and fold through the cheesecake filling.
Rolo Bikes had already created virtual test jigs to replicate the European Committee for Standardization (Comite Europeen de Normalisation or CEN) tests as well as the Zedler stiffness tests using HyperWorks, and had correlated a baseline frame model to physical tests.
Pelos resultados da tabela 1, verificou-se interacao significativa entre substratos e temperaturas para a porcentagem e indice de velocidade de germinacao, no qual se observou que, na temperatura de 20[degrees]C, o melhor substrato foi o rolo de papel, pois proporcionou maiores valores de germinacao.
Mr Roberts said: "It was so upsetting when Rolo died.
Rolo was dubbed the world's "most intelligent sheep" by her owner - farmer Emlyn Roberts - in 2006 and became an internet sensation after being featured in the Daily Post.
In My Mother Is Now Earth, Mark Anthony Rolo tells the heart-wrenching story of the last three years of his childhood, which coincides with the last three years of his mother's life.
He actually had two other horses, but placed Rolo - that's what the children at the yard named him - in the livery yard when he realised the error of his ways.