ROLOSReduced Obstetrical Length of Stay
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And the plans, submitted to Newcastle City Council, reveal part of a modernisation project for the factory which will see tanks used to store chocolate for Rolos and Matchmakers given an upgrade.
4) To decorate the cheesecake, top with a drizzle of caramel and sprinkle on some Rolos and chocolate pieces.
While both low--carb variants of Kit Kat and Rolos performed "ahead of expectations," said Walker, Kit Kat Low Carb's fortunes have fallen in recent months, with consumers and retailers walking away from the product.
But you'll have to pay more, with the Kit Kat costing 79p and the Rolos pounds 1.
But I was a little disappointed with the Rolos which I found to be bland.
We've teamed up with the No 1 UK chocolate and toffee brand Rolo to hand out loads and loads of their big-selling sweets.
Esta cabeza la cual por su diseno proporciona flujo laminar con velocidad sostenida y distribucion de presion, combinada con la caracteristica de "cero presion" del troguel RMS con rolo de una pieza, es la mejor solucion para este problema.
Nestle's Fawdon factory is home to some of the UK's best-loved sweets, including Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles and Gums, Rolos, Munchies, Toffee Crisp and Blue Riband.
The box contains six of the company's most famous products such as Rolos, Fruit Pastilles and Breakaways.
Nestle's Kit Kat Low Carb carries an rsp of 79p for a two-finger pack, while a tube of Rolos costs 1.
TV ads have shown couples using Rolos as a test of true love for 21 years.