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RoMMRotation-Sensitive Movement Monitor (Parkinson's disease)
ROMMRisk of Material Misstatement (finance)
ROMMRegistry of Muslim Marriages (Singapore)
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Romm said a handful of the more innovative states have activities analogous in some ways to the CHART program.
Citing Civil Aviation Authority official Romm, the report said that during the negotiations, Turkey showed its willingness to resume Israeli flights to Turkey.
Romm has spent nearly 30 years as a healthcare practitioner with particular emphasis on the health concerns of women and children.
In his posts and in his previous book Hell and High Water Romm has made the stakes clear.
To perpetuate the high returns the rich countries in particular have been achieving in recent decades," explains Romm, "we have been taking an ever greater fraction of nonrenewable energy resources (especially hydrocarbons) and natural capital (fresh water, arable land, forests, fisheries), and the most important non renewable natural capital of all--a livable climate.
At the same time, with artfulness, candor and unexpected but welcome wit, Romm tells their mother/ daughter story through nine years of flashbacks since Jackie's diagnosis at 46, when Romm was 19.
Romm, author of The Hype About Hydrogen, who supervised transportation fuel cell research at the Department of Energy during former President Clinton's tenure.
Sharon Romm covers all these attitude concerns in Dating After 50: Negotiating The Minefields Of Mid-Life Romance, packed with tips on the safest, most efficient way to find dates--and how to go on them successfully.
improve as the sport becomes established, and his excitement at the prospect of Israel joining the ranks of the world's racing nations is shared by Agriculture Ministry spokesman, Benny Romm, who said: "It is a wonderful idea.
It is a wonderful idea," said ministry spokesman Benny Romm.
Romm devotes considerable energy to high-lighting the challenges that must be addressed in realizing a hydrogen-based economy.
In the early 1900s, Romm worked for SurePower, a company that offered businesses uninterrupted power supplies from a fuel cell system.