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The flood waters were so high Ron had to be rescued by boat from his house and studio in Mill Street and was out of his home for over six months, but he has now fought back to open a newly refurbished studio alongside his home.
When he was manager at Coventry City he allowed Sky cameras on the team coach as it entered Villa Park where Ron had been sacked by Doug Ellis as manager in 1994.
Park Street Imports will continue as Ron de Jeremy Rum's exclusive importer in the United States.
Father-of-two Ron said: "I never think about my age when I'm playing cricket - I can still keep up with the younger players in the team.
Ron expresses the hope that fans will help him celebrate the long-running success of Ron El's Comic Book Trivia Series, but being a strong advocate of independent publishing, he also wants to help in supporting that market.
Ron did probably have nights out with Diana Dors and Barbara Windsor in the dinner jacket with velvet lapels, above, but he wore the green Lester Bowden sports jacket, inset, in Broadmoor.
My mother-in-law was a dinner lady at Ridpool Road Infants & Junior School where she served Ron his school meals.
Small investors in EU countries can now become owners of one of the most exciting spirits brands in the world and a real business partner with the Legend that is Ron Jeremy.
UPSIDE CROWNRon SWINGING 1960s Ron 40 years before he hit his prime - at 75 BACK IN THE Ron shows he's the star man on the parallel bars KNEESY nDOES IT Ron tucks in for a somersault
It was here that Ron saw more than half of his comrades killed or wounded, but as his jeep got stuck early on he could not travel too far inshore.
Ron and friend Joseph Kenneth Dykins had gone cockling in the Dee Estuary, Flintshire.