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RONResearch Octane Number (gasoline)
RONRemain(ing) Overnight
RONRomanian New Leu (Romanian currency)
RONReady or Not
RONRise of Nations (game)
RONRecord of Needs (special education; UK)
RONRepublic of Nauru
RONRemain Over Night (aviation)
RONResearch Octane Number
RONRun of Network
RONRose O'Neill (creator of the Kewpie Doll, early millionaire, and illustrator; circa 1910)
RONAir Nauru (ICAO code)
RONRete Ondametrica Nazionale (Italian: Ondametrica National Network; climate)
RONTotal on Resistance (electronics)
RONReform Ohio Now (election reform group)
RONRidder in de Orde van Oranje Nassau (Dutch: Knight in the Order of Oranje Nassau)
RONRe-Open Nominations (voting systems)
RONReturn on Net Worth (finance)
RONResilient Overlay Network
RONReality or Nothing (Dennis Potter's Cold Lazarus)
RONRouting Organization Number
RONReport of Nonconformance
RONRussian Overlay Network
RONRemote Online Network
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At the time of Dunkirk he was in Le Havre, France, however the ships left the area without the men and Ron was posted as missing for three weeks.
The reunion at the airport was the first time they have been together since frail Ron struggled down on one knee and popped the question at Cristel's family home in the Philippines 11 months ago.
The flood waters were so high Ron had to be rescued by boat from his house and studio in Mill Street and was out of his home for over six months, but he has now fought back to open a newly refurbished studio alongside his home.
Father-of-two Ron said: "I never think about my age when I'm playing cricket - I can still keep up with the younger players in the team.
Ron expresses the hope that fans will help him celebrate the long-running success of Ron El's Comic Book Trivia Series, but being a strong advocate of independent publishing, he also wants to help in supporting that market.
My mother-in-law was a dinner lady at Ridpool Road Infants & Junior School where she served Ron his school meals.
As we know, Ron was approaching his 99th birthday but his mind was as sharp as ever.
UPSIDE CROWNRon SWINGING 1960s Ron 40 years before he hit his prime - at 75 BACK IN THE Ron shows he's the star man on the parallel bars KNEESY nDOES IT Ron tucks in for a somersault
After surprising Drake with a screwed and chopped remix ofhis debut LP, Thank Me Later, OG Ron C and his associate DJ Candlestick were brought on to slow Take Care as well.
When he was 20, Ron landed with the 61st Reconnaissance Regiment of the 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division, on Gold Beach, Normandy.