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RORAReceptor-Related Orphan Receptor Alpha (genetics)
RORARetinoid-Related Orphan Receptor-Alpha
RORARoyal Oak Restaurant Association (Michigan)
RORARecord of Research Achievement (Australia)
RORARealm of the Red Ape (zoo exhibit)
RORAReturn on Risk Assets
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Otjotjihorera, morukondwa rwokomanene wa Namibia, nu okuwezako otjimbumba tjimwe tjOndondo oitja-7 mOmaheke ozo 91% tji rora okumuna ovanene vavo amave rese nungwari ozo 61% uriri mba rora okureserwa i yovanene vavo.
The question was which specific genes are regulated by RORA," he explained.
RORA sought to recreate a southeast Asian tropical forest canopy in an indoor exhibit and the design theme was "Life in the Canopy.
After Rora is gratuitously murdered, Azra encourages Brik to finish his project.
War had transformed Rora from a patriot defending Sarajevo against the nationalistic Chetniks to a smuggler of bodies dead and alive, a dealer in "requisitioned" loot.
Dense forests are found in Semenawi Bahri along the Eastern escarpment and Rora Habab in Sahil, Mangroves along the coastal regions, Savannah grassland in between 200 m and 700 m and grasses and plants, which are dwarf-umbrella-shaped acacia species, dominate among vegetations.
Phoenix, however, wants nothing more than to apprentice to the royal shoemaker and develop her skill in making beautiful shoes, putting her at odds with her best friend Rora.
A house complete with stone furniture dating from 3,000BC at Skara Brae; Tourists marvel at the Old Man of Hoy I a massive column of rock north of Rora Head
Rutledge (1998) developed a RORA program for calculating the recharge rate.
Police traced the couple to the tiny Aberdeenshire village of Rora, six miles from Peterhead, where they moved in last week.
Police tracked them down to Rora, six miles from Peterhead.
Interestingly, at the end of a set of recipes for epilepsy, is found this notice: `Item, per is 3it another medicyn for itt emonges erbez: Lok the verteu of an erbe called asterion lunare, otherwise called rora celi' (fol.