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RTRReady To Run
RTRReady To Race
RTRRundfunk & Telekom Regulierungs Gmbh
RTRReady to Roll
RTRRoyal Tank Regiment (British)
RTRReceiver-Transmitter (DoD signal equipment)
RTRReel-To-Reel (older recording devices)
RTRRadio e Televisiun Rumantscha (Romansh Radio and Television, Switzerland)
RTRRead the Rest
RTRResponse Time Reporter
RtRRoad to Rome (game expansion pack)
RTRReady to Rumble
RTRReal-Time Radiography
RTRRussian Television and Radio (Russian national TV broadcaster)
RTRRoom to Room
RTRRacing Throttle Response (TVS Motor Company)
RTRRaise The Roof
RTRReady-To-Receive (IBM VTAM)
RTRRemote Transmission Request
RTRRome: Total Realism (gaming modification for Rome: Total War)
RTRRoad to Revolution (Linkin Park album)
RTRReliable Transaction Router
RTRRemote Transmitter/Receiver
RTRReal-Time Racing Game (video game)
RTRTV- and Radio Company (Russian)
RTRRun to Run (variation)
RTRRoll Tide Roll (University of Alabama)
RTRRight to Rule (gaming clan)
RTRRenal Transplant Recipient
RTRReal Time Replenishment (telecommunications)
RTRReinforced Thermosetting Resin (piping material)
RTRReal-Time Relationships (Stefan Molyneux book)
RTRRapid Technology Rationalization (Novell)
RTRRecord to Report (business process)
RTRResearch and Test Reactor
RTRRight to Rebel (online gaming clan)
RTRRegistered Technologist, Radiography
RTRReal Time Retargeting
RTRResort Timeshare Resale
RTRResponse to Request Message (FIPS)
RTRRevised Technical Report
RTRReport of Test Results
RTRReturn to Research (program)
RTRReal Time Rater
RTRReal-Time Raster
RTRReactor Technology Report
RTRResearch and Technology Resume (NASA)
RTRRadar Trajectory Report (DoD)
RTRRequirement Traceability Report
RTRResponse Time Recorder
RTRReturning to Ramp
RTRResonant Transient Radiation
RTRRetirement Trust Resources
RTRRégime de Travail Radiologique (French: Radiological Work Plan)
RTRReplenishment Tax Rate (Texas)
RTRRyder Truck Rental LLP
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Coventry Jubilee Rotaract Club has responded to calls for help from fellow Rotaractors in Turkey to set up a camp for more than 50,000 people.
Twenty-five teams, including two of Rotaractors from the Middle East, have already signed up but there is still room for 11 others.
Rotaractors are collecting donations and selling souvenirs such as T-shirts, mugs, bookmarks, key chains and badges from a stand located on the ground floor of the mall (next to the old Debenhams).
Rotaractors will be collecting donations and selling fundraising souvenirs such as T-shirts, mugs, bookmarks, key chains and badges from a stand located on the ground floor of the Seef Mall (next to the old Debenhams).
All of the games were designed and built by the Rotaractors.