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This last result rules out the Rothschild-Stiglitz equilibrium and is consistent either with the Wilson or with the Miyazaki-Spence equilibrium (the analysis provided by Browne, 1992, does not, however, determine which of these two equilibria prevail).
For this specification, it is easy to directly derive the relationship between optimal transfers and the variance of x (where the variance is a special case of the Rothschild-Stiglitz uncertainty measure).
El modelo de Rothschild-Stiglitz tambien se centra en el sector financiero, el de los seguros, y muestra los problemas del riesgo moral -la despreocupacion de los clientes por cuidar lo asegurado una vez que tienen el seguro aumenta los costos por primas pagadas y afecta la rentabilidad de las aseguradoras-, y la seleccion adversa -el problema de que las aseguradoras atraen a los clientes mas riesgosos sin que estas puedan controlar los riesgos apropiadamente por la asimetria de la informacion-, en consecuencia se prestan menos servicios de aseguramiento de lo que seria socialmente deseable.
Newhouse [1996] added a cost of writing a contract to the Rothschild-Stiglitz Nash equilibrium model and found that it could yield a pooling equilibrium.
would be the premium in a Rothschild-Stiglitz [1976
2000, Introducing Heterogeneity in the Rothschild-Stiglitz Model, Journal of Risk and Insurance, 67: 579-592.
Unfortunately, most results are of the negative variety: there is no general monotonic relationship between the information value and the degree of aversion towards risk |5~, the amount of statistical information transmitted |8~, the level of initial wealth |6~, or the Rothschild-Stiglitz variability of the prior distribution on the state |4~.
Figure 1 depicts the canonical Rothschild-Stiglitz equilibrium in a standard market with two types of individuals with different risks of experiencing a (single) loss.
It applies trivially if the market implements the Riley (1979a,1979b) "reactive" equilibrium (or the Rothschild-Stiglitz equilibrium, when it exists), and it also applies with the Wilson (1977) and the Miyazaki (1977)-Wilson (1977)-Spence (1978) "anticipatory" equilibria.
Moreover, multidimensional screening allows competitive insurance markets to attain pure strategy Nash equilibria over a wider range of applicant pools, resolving completely the Rothschild-Stiglitz nonexistence puzzle in markets where the perils space is sufficiently divisible.
Now consider asymmetric information about types as in the standard Rothschild-Stiglitz (1976) model.
Several studies extend the Rothschild-Stiglitz model of competitive insurance contracting with adverse selection by incorporating additional dimensions of private information and conclude that some insurers may earn positive profit in a separating, self-selection equilibrium, provided each insurer is restricted to making a single contract offer.