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ROTIRotarians on the Internet (service association)
ROTIReturn on Time Invested (business methods)
ROTIRecording Optical Tracking Instrument (telescope for tracking rocket launches)
ROTIReturn on Technology Investment (financial analysis of IT intangible factors & total cost of ownership)
ROTIReturn on Talent Investment
ROTIRights of the Terminally Ill Act of 1995 (Australia)
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Now, the Mumbai Dabbawala Association has scaled up their efforts with the assistance of Sivanandan, Nitin Khanapurkar and Sweta Mangal and together they have started the Mumbai Roti Bank.
With the passage of time, the younger generation had forgotten how to make saag and makai ki roti but they still love to eat traditional food in winter season , said a housewife Shama Amir.
Roti Rollers will open a second location at La Mer later in the year.
The company has also said special promotional offers will run across all departments of Safari in conjunction with the Roti and Curry Festival.
While all of us are habitual to the wheat variety, several other cereals and millets are used throughout the country to make rotis.
I want you to find the best possible tandoori roti.
Ever-increasing price of roti flour and yeast coupled with rising rents of shops have led to insignificant profit margin for us.
These are the hallmarks of Roti and we can't wait to open," said Bill Post, co-founder and CEO.
Earlier, Industries Secretary Shahid Khan, while giving a detailed briefing about the arrangements made for Ramazan, informed the meeting that 400 Ramazan bazaars, 200 fair price shops and 500 Sasti Roti Dastarkhwans would be set up in the province this year.
The staple foods of North India including the Punjab region are lentils, vegetables and roti, so it's no surprise these feature at Jaya.
WITH waiters in kilts, haggis pakora and funky but elegant decor, Roti is a little bit different from most Indian restaurants.
Among the company's products are steam buns, roti canal, roti paratha, pizza, doughnuts, curry puffs, spring rolls, murtabak, croissants, puff pastries, pies and samosas.