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ROTLARaiders of the Lost Ark (movie)
ROTLAReturn Of The Living Acid (band)
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They were: Mili Rakesh Jobanputra with Khichdi & Kadhi (first prize); Rekha Gautam Parmar with Bajra na Rotla & Odo (Baingan Bharta) (second prize) and Bhavika Dhiren Negandhi with Mexican nachos and frankie (third prize).
Good to know Must-try: The winter favourites of Saurashtra region are bajra rotla (millet rotis) with garlic and chilli chutney and chhaas.
While visiting Nalsarovar, try the winter favourite of Gujarat's Saurashtra region--bajara rotla (thick millet rotis) with seasonal veggies, garlic and chilly chutney, freshly churned buffalo-milk butter and chopped onions, washed down with chhaas (butter milk).