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REXRegional Express (Australian airline)
REXRequest to Exit (security)
REXReadiness Exercise
REXRoutine Exercise
REXRentenindex (German bond index)
REXRestructured Extended Executor
REXReport Definition
REXRemote Execution
REXRoute Extension
REXRegular Expressions for Xml
REXRemote Events for Xml
REXReal-Time Executive
REXReceiver/Exciter (Radar Subsystem)
REXRadiation Experiment (studies scintillation effects of the Earth's atmosphere on RF transmissions; first spacecraft to successfully employ GPS navigation)
REXRetour d'Expérience (French)
REXREXX Script (file extension)
REXReal Estate Excellence (awards)
REXRadio Science Experiment (NASA New Horizons Project)
REXRelocatable Executable
REXRemote Events for XML (Extensible Markup Language)
REXRurtal-Express (Germany)
REXReynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico - General Lucio Blanco Airport (Airport Code)
REXRegistered Export System (trade)
REXRheintal-Express (Germany)
REXRegional Energetics Experiment
REXRelativistic Electron Beam Experiment
REXRear Entertainment Xtreme (in-car entertainment system)
REXRemote Interface Unit Exerciser
REXRequisition Exception Code
REXReflector Erosion Experiment
REXReliability of Effective Service
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Royer-Dupre said: "He did what we asked this morning and it was only some routine exercise.
Gossamer picked up nicely for Debbie Jones in routine exercise with two others, and her year-younger sister Camlet showed she is going places by doing well in her spin.
Saeed Bin Suroor had Sakhee in action on the round gallop and he went through routine exercise with Ekraar.
Responding to the criticism, Minister of State for Interior Talal Chaudhry said that the mock operation was a routine exercise to prepare the personnel of security agencies to deal with terror events, given the security risks in the country.
While those are perfectly reasonable excuses to skip a workout, men and women who recognize the long-term benefits of routine exercise may be compelled to take on less responsibility at work while also making an effort to divvy up responsibilities at home more equitably.
A 23-year-old trainee, who fell into coma after fainting during a routine exercise with other trainees at an Army training school in Labangan, Zamboanga del Sur, has now died, the military said on Monday.
We talked with the Chinese side over a hotline and it said the operation was part of a routine exercise.
This was a routine exercise carried out by the Gibraltar Fire and Rescue Service, but in light of recent events in the United Kingdom the Ministry for Housing took this opportunity to be part of the exercise so as to better understand and assist in its review of all policies and procedures regarding fire safety in housing estates.
The planes were taking part in a routine exercise but Tim's family were informed the exercise route was planned to fly over the church as a tribute to their youngest son.
The routine exercise is designed to improve combined maritime response and defence capabilities, increase combined manoeuvring proficiency, and ensure maritime forces remain ready to defend the region when called upon," according to the Carl Vinson's Facebook page.
amp;nbsp;China's only aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, and five warships passed approximately 90 miles south of the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands in what China called a routine exercise.
Lowering the national flag is a routine exercise at Wagah, but on national days it turns into a huge ceremony as thousands throng the border crossing to rekindle their love with the homeland.