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RS232Recommended Standard 232 (computer serial interface, IEEE; usually written RS-232)
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The new IOLAN STG8 Secure Terminal Server has eight RJ45 connectors with RS232 interfaces.
USB-connected RS232 add-on adapters all come with a driver that you must install before you connect the adapter to the USB port.
Its dual RS232 ports can be configured as Virtual COM ports in a remote PC or operate in a TCPserver / client mode of operation, and built-in 4-port switch allows four Ethernet devices to connect directly to the CWV without the need for an additional switch.
Interfaces: RS232, USB, emulacion de teclado, cuna del teclado PS2
Offers 1/32- and 1/16 DIN controllers with PID, temperature, pressure, auto-tune, heat-cool and single ramp soak as standard with RS232 and RS485 communications options.
has introduced a RS232 serial port CDMA modem with a built-in IP stack.
One RS422/485 port and two RS232 ports are provided as standard, and each port is operational at up to 115,200 baud.
It features XGA resolution, and it is HDTV compatible with direct YpbPr/component, S-Video and composite video inputs, as well as RS232 control port and two PC inputs.
The company's new Cable-Free USB MT0760-CF, the version of the product targeted for wireless printing, supports a standard data rate of up to 140Kbps, which Microtune says is comparable to the full-speed operation of a home printer using an RS232 cable.
With the RS232 connector cable and programming software, the F110 connects to any PC.
This product provides simultaneous transmission of one Ethernet or Fast Ethernet, one baseband video, one stereo Hi-Fi audio, one T1 or E1 channel, and one RS232 or RS422 serial data over a multimode or single-mode fiber pair for bi-directional communication application.
There is an optional battery available for short-term transport or low power conditions, and an RS232 interface with nurse call capability.