RSVBRuimtelijk Structuurplan Vlaams Brabant (Dutch: Spatial Structure Flemish Brabant; Belgium)
RSVBRevised Standard Version Bible
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Unveiling the new financial instrument, James Broward, spokesman for the RSVB Funding Foundation stated, "RSVB satisfies all the concerns holding wary investors at bay from promising ventures - assurance of yields, if the venture is successful, full surety of principal capital investment recapture, potential liquidity in secondary trading markets, and absolute accountability.
The RSVB Funding Foundation is currently in the process of licensing the patent-proprietary financial instrument to financial institutions, to be deployed in future underwriting efforts for emerging business venture IPO's.
In closing the presentation, Christian Persson, Director of the Foundation concluded, "The business of underwriting emerging business ventures will one day be dominated by RSVB, as the global investment community recognizes that the more modern and unified RSVB system is vastly more lucid and equitable at all strata of the funding-reward process than the current process of underwriting the capital stock of corporations.