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However, in many words the back vowels are not fronted: du ('two'), dud ('smoke'), dut ('daughter'), gurd ebiggen, gurg ('wolf'), kur ('blind'), ruj ('day'), to ('you'), u ('thar), xuza ('god'), zevun ('tongue'), zumad ('son-in-law');--(verbal stems) duv-('run'), gu-('wanr) cf.
7 ses ruj hu It is six ke pur-es da s bezo(no)de since she has iven birth to a boy 8 ovi hanuz She is bimor hu still ill.
Recent, independent, third-party auditing1 on the RUJ concession shows that the conservation set aside by the company is actually almost 50% larger than what is required by the Government of Indonesia's independent High Conservation Value Forest assessments of the area.
In one hand, the user should authenticate itself before initiating any transaction, and on the other hand, it must be ensured that the cloud does not tamper with the data that is outsourced (Sushmita Ruj et al.
Sushmita Ruj, Milos Stojmenovic, Amiya Nayak, 2012.
The largest privately owned retailer headquartered in Arkansas is RUJ McLarry Landers Automotive Holdings LLC of Little Rock.
Kisisel urunlerle yama testi sirasinda yapilacaklar (46) Urun Yama testindeki Dilusyonu Aftershave losyon Oldugu gibi Antiperspirant Oldugu gibi Deri temizleyiciler %1 su icinde Kremler Oldugu gibi Gozfari, kalem, maskara Oldugu gibi Yuz krem pudra Oldugu gibi Sac boyasi %2 su icinde Sac spreyi Oldugu gibi El kremi Oldugu gibi Ruj Oldugu gibi Tirnak cilasi Oldugu gibi kurumaya birakilmali Parfum Oldugu gibi(irritan reaksiyon olabilir) Bitkiler(yaprak, cicek) Oldugu gibi Sampuan %5 su icinde Dis macunu %1 su icinde
7); but/j/ appears also elsewhere, (35) including as a variant of /z/ where the latter is expected: ruj "day.
The Broadway Dance Center, a globally-lauded school of excellence in dance education for 25 years, specifically selected Ruj for her impressive training and experience to participate in the International Visa Program.
Ruj will aid in the mentoring and nurturing of dancers and students by teaching a beginners introduction class to the increasingly popular Bollywood-style of dance.
The decentralized access control mechanism provided in Sushmita Ruj et al.