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15 ( ANI ): A total of eight trains got cancelled and 11 trains are running late due to moderate fog in the outskirts of National Capital Region (NCR) on Thursday, as per the Chief Public Relations Officer (CPRO).
The passengers will be given an option to get a full refund if their train is running late for more than three hours," said the Delhi Division, northern railways.
BEIRUT: The Public Housing Institute warned citizens running late on mortgage payments that they would face legal action if they failed to settle their accounts by June 5.
Rylah blamed the rain and the fact that he was running late for taking the vehicle.
Running Late continued the good run of winning favourites at the meeting when beating Market Mariner by two and a half lengths.
The popular presenter was running late and put his foot down on the M90 motorway on the morning of August 4.
My friend and I were running late for track-and-field practice.
Furious commuters refused to leave their train after it was halted in Ledbury and they were told it would not continue to Hereford - because it was running late.
It's funny how your keys always seem to disappear when you're running late and need to get out the door.
He made his own way to Highbury, cut it fine and was running late when he jumped into the taxi at Kings Cross station.
David Latham, 24, shop manager, said: 'It was lucky we were running late or we'd have been in the car's path.
Their poor reliability led to 27 per cent of the company's running late.