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RUPPRoyal University of Phnom Penh (est. 1960; Cambodia)
RUPPRoad Used As A Public Path (UK)
RUPPRural-Urban Partnership Programme (Nepal)
RUPPResearch Unit in Pediatric Psychopharmacology
RUPPRational Unified Partner Program (IBM Corp.)
RUPPRational Unified Process Product (software development process)
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In her latest book, Fly While You Still Have Wings, Rupp writes again about grief this time her own for her mother, Hildegard ("Hilda") Wilberding Rupp, who died in 2000.
Rupp flashed a smile and gave a thumbs-up to the supportive fans in Hayward Field's West Grandstand as he crossed the finish line.
A member of the Servite community and a renowned speaker, retreat leader, and spiritual director, Joyce Rupp says she is first an Iowa farmer's daughter.
Officers from the public protection unit raided his home, on Wright Street, Southport, a month later and took his computers away for analysis and Rupp was suspended.
Rupp will lead environmental planning projects and further the consistent delivery of high quality products and services to move projects forward to successful completion.
Rupp, 68, told Wexford District Court on Monday evening he had been in his garden that afternoon when he spotted a large palm leaf that had been neatly folded.
The new company is based in Hoerbranz, Austria, and is called Schreiber & Rupp GmbH.
The results of this study support the use of the RUPP model as an authentic representation of intrauterine fetal growth restriction and preeclampsia.
Rupp was joined by Nicole Gurr on her club team, and both should make significant impacts for the Spirits.
Conspicuously absent, then, is the most renowned Golden Age diatribe against theater, Jesuit Mariana's De Rege et Regis Institutione - dedicated to Philip IV's father - thematically an heir to that of Jesuit Rivadeneira, forecaster of the Providential "triumph" of the Armada, whom Rupp often quotes as an influence on Calderon.
In an audio interview, Rupp shares stories about her mother.
The report states Rupp uses asthma and thyroid medication and alleges his use of testosterone goes as far back as 2002 when he was 16 and attending Central Catholic High School in Portland.