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At the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center, doctors started following a cohort of African-Americans in 2004 and, some seven years later, began to seek brain donation for the study.
David Bennett, the director of Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center, there is no definitive screen for the disease other than using a battery of cognitive exams to document memory loss.
Borwell Professor of Neurological Sciences and director of the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center, David A.
NYSE: PKI), a leading provider of drug discovery, life science research, and analytical solutions, has entered into a research collaboration on the proteomics of Alzheimer's disease with the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center and the Buck Institute for Age Research.
It involves the analysis of brain tissue samples from a unique study being conducted by researchers at the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center.
David Bennett, director of the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center.
Boyle, PhD, and her colleagues from the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center, examined 1,238 community-dwelling elderly participants from two ongoing research studies, the Rush Memory and Aging Project and the Minority Aging Research Study.
of the Rush Institute on Healthy Aging and the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center in Chicago, bases its findings on figures from the Chicago Health and Aging Project, a large study supported by the National Institutes of Health, and population figures from the 2000 U.
Previously she was Nursing Home Services Director with Chicago's Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center.