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RUWARegional Urban Water Authorities (Australia)
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Urban governance and the effective delivery and management of infrastructure services in urban areas in Zimbabwe: an appraisal of water and sewerage services delivered in Ruwa.
RUWA scoring system: a novel predictive tool for the identification of patients at high risk for complications from Clostridium difficile infection.
A recent entrant trying to take advantage of the region's fascination with the regal stone is UK's Luxury Beverage Company, which has launched a halal, non-alcoholic drink EoAC" Ruwa EoAC" for the discerning.
4million Ruwa Original - a nonalcoholic, Halal-friendly drink targeted towards super-rich Muslims.
As with other high ranking officials in the ruling party, Rondo's father had had his eye on a certain farm in the Ruwa which was presently owned by a whiteman, a Mr Quayle (Mungoshi, 2003:149).
Cada grupo responsable de un rito en particular le imprime su sello personal; el juego escenico depende entonces del ruwa o del jefe de cada uno.
Kidan Ruwa, Yawon Magi and Kalankuwa are traditional forms of drama among the Hausa (Kofoworola 1981).
Bruss was born in Zimbabwe, where his father farmed 300 acres at Ruwa, and trained a few horses as a hobby.
Michael Charo Ruwa, secretary-general of the Kenya Episcopal Conference, said importing the condoms implies that the government sanctions promiscuity.
23) R S Burrett, `The Selous Road, Ballyhooley Hotel, and the Ruwa and Goromonzi Districts', Heritage, no.
KRB director general Jacob Ruwa said compliance includes submission of work programmes six months before commencement of work and periodic reports to the Board by the road agencies and counties.
ProGroup Zimbabwe's packaging and manufacturing unit, Probrands will set up a Ultra-high temperature processing (UHT) dairy plant in Ruwa at a total cost of $2,5 million.