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S-2Intelligence Staff Officer
S-2Sangiran Hominid 2
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The latest iteration of the I Corps BCT S-2 course started with several KLEs from guest speakers throughout JBLM and across the intelligence enterprise.
A good BCT S-2 is able to communicate effectively the BCT commander's intent for the IWfF, while incorporating the BEB and MICO's input to manage, assess, and implement the full capabilities of the IWfF in any environment or scenario.
Instead of disseminating Shapefiles (a geospatial vector data format for geographic information system software, think ArcGIS), brigade S-2 intelligence cells often provide products in PowerPoint to subordinate battalion S-2 intelligence cells.
When assessing the threat to rotary wing aircraft, the CAB S-2 section places an emphasis on what the airframe can and cannot do.