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SKVPS-Matrix (version of) Kohn Variational Principle
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For an S-matrix A, the Spectral Theorem for symmetric matrices (see [15, Theorem 8.
The problem of computing the eigendecomposition of an S-matrix A = diag (d) + triu (u [v.
5 and 5 micron (HPLC) particles and are ideal for HPLC and UPLC methods developed on the new Waters ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System equipped with Fusion Method Development(TM) software from S-Matrix Corporation.
Strategic business alliances with key industry and academic customers, analytical instrument, and process equipment companies enable S-Matrix to rapidly bring to market innovative Automated Experimentation techniques and software for targeted industry applications.
S-Matrix Corporation develops advanced Design-of-Experiments (DOE) based software that automates R&D experimental work according to accepted Quality-by-Design principles and methodologies.
Argonaut has integrated FusionSynthesis(TM), a statistical software package developed by S-Matrix Corporation, with the Advantage Series 3400 Workstation, to further aid chemists in the planning and analysis of multiple experiments.