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SKVPS-Matrix (version of) Kohn Variational Principle
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In Section II methods of calculating the phase frequency response of the DL (model based on the concept of an ideal transmission line, model based on the theory of two-port network, and the model, which combined S-matrix technique and the method of moments) will be pointed out.
The next step is computing the generalised S-matrix from fields calculated in the solution volume.
Based on the S-parameters defined for a linear network, let if only the fundamental, second and third harmonic components are taken into account, nonlinear S-matrix is given in the following equation,
The matched quarter structure supplies a range of parameters of the pins to help to realize the whole S-Matrix in HFSS simulation.
3 represents the frequency contour of the S-matrix for the voltage sags signal.
For the convergence of solution, all the higher-order Floquet harmonics are included only in S-matrix that have magnitude greater than -22 dB.
All possible generators of supersymmetries of the S-matrix.
Non-invertibility of the S-matrix based watermark embedding is demonstrated in Figure 16.
nxn] is called symmetric diagonal plus semiseparable (1) or S-matrix if it has the form
Upon calculating the radiative corrections with the fields, masses, and coupling constants renormalized within the OMS renormalization scheme, the UV divergencies occurring in the loop expansion (of propagators as well as S-matrix elements) are absorbed in the infinite parts of the renormalization constants.
Note that the S-matrix refers to one side of the push-pull device.