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S2ESurfaced Two Edges (lumber)
S2EService-to-Employee (business model)
S2ESeamless Synthetic Environment
S2ESailor to Engineer (program)
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S2E DENGUE, surveillance spatiale de la Dengue et son interface avec le logiciel medical DOC_teur .
FoxBox comes in dial-up, ISDN, 56K, T1, and S2E configurations.
Blind Performance Specimens, REMEDi[TM] Control, Urine Toxicology Control(Lyophilized), Urine Toxicology Screen Controls (Levels S1, S2, S1E, S2E, S3, S1 Low Opiate, S2 Low Opiate, S1E Low Opiate, S2E Low Opiate, S1S, S2S), Urine Toxicology Confirm Controls (Levels C1, C2, C3, C4, C2 Low Opiate, C3 Low Opiate), Urine Toxicology Negative Control, Qualitative Urine Toxicology Control
Mixed Signals' S2E (Source to Edge) solution, which includes its Sentry and Medius products, can be easily deployed in all key locations of a cable network - from network operation centers (NOC), headends to hubs - enabling operators to comprehensively monitor content throughout their networks.