S4FSupernatural 4 Fans (website)
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Students' Demographic Information Code Origin English level S1F Korea Beginner S2F Korea Advanced S3F China Intermediate S4F China Intermediate S5F Saudi Arabia Intermediate S6F Venezuela Beginner S7F Uruguay Advanced S8F Honduras Intermediate S1C Colombia Advanced S2C Colombia Beginner S3C Colombia Beginner S4C Colombia Intermediate S5C Colombia Intermediate S6C Colombia Intermediate S7C Colombia Beginner S8C Colombia Beginner Note The coding in the far left column stand for the following variables among participants: S= Student, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 = number assigned randomly, F= Foreign, C= Colombian, B= Beginner, I= Intermediate, A= Advanced.
The model S4F handles four drums at a time only, for double stacking in trucks and trailers where overall height is limited.