SA0Stuck At 0 Fault
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All input combinations for 2-input AND gate and the single stuck-at-faults detected A B Fault(s) Detected 0 0 CSA1 0 1 C SA1 & A SA1 1 0 C SA1 & B SA1 1 1 A SA0 & B SA0 & C SA0
URUGUAY 2 ENGLAND 1 FROM CARL ASKEW IN SA0 PAULO EVEN a half-fit Luis Suarez proved too good for England as the striker who hadn't kicked a ball for a month booted Roy Hodgson's flops to the brink of elimination.
SA0 PAULO, BRAZIL * When Bishop Erwin Krautler of Xingu celebrates Mass each Sunday, he has two altar servers and two police officers at his side.