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SA80Small Arm for the 1980s (infantry weapon of the British Army)
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She added: "There is no actual evidence that it was an SA80 that caused the bullet wound to Cheryl.
Commandos operating on the frontline of Afghanistan have told Defence IQ that although the SA80 assault rifle has improved greatly since its first introduction to British Armed Forces, the weapon is more ideal for conventional forces than for specialised forces more likely to engage at close quarters.
The crown court sentencing hearing was told that Lt Cdr Molyneux, a father-of-four, known as Molly, had bravely tried to tackle Donovan after hearing shots from the SA80.
SEIZURE: The head of Matrix, Det Chief Supt Tony Doherty, with the SA80 assault rifle HAUL: Some of the guns and ammunition seized
Twenty-five-year-old Lyons told a court martial that he disobeyed the order by an officer to pick up an SA80 as part of rifle training on the grounds that it was 'against his moral beliefs,' adding that he became disillusioned with the service after reading about troops killing civilians on whistle-blowing website Wikileaks.
The report calls for guns that take larger ammunition to replace all standard-issue SA80 rifles, which many believe were exposed as inadequate in Iraq in 2003.
A 600- rounds-a-minute SA80 assault rifle went missing at the same time but has never been recovered.
His inquest at Oxford's Old Assizes was told he had probably been shot with an SA80, the Army's standard combat rifle.
A soldier jailed for more than five years for handling a stolen SA80 assault rifle was the victim of a "tragic injustice", a veterans' campaigner said yesterday.
They burst in firing blanks from SA80 rifles before bundling the MP and their headmaster into a van and driving round until staff and students paid a pounds 240 ransom.
Michael Fabricant, Tory member for Lichfield, said the SA80 guns used by the Marines were better suited to the Home Counties than war zones.
Trimcote have supplied Nestle with an SA80 machine to replace the company's hand-held glue gun method and chimney for sealing and ensuring a square carton every time.