SAACStudent-Athlete Advisory Committee
SAACShelby American Automobile Club
SAACStudent Athletic Advisory Committee
SAACSpecialty Advertising Association of California (Canoga Park, CA)
SAACSecurity Assistance Accounting Center
SAACStudents Against Animal Cruelty
SAACStarkville Area Arts Council (Mississippi)
SAACScientific and Academic Advisory Committee
SAACSpace Applications Advisory Committee
SAACSoutheast Alaska Avalanche Center
SAACSociety of Academic Anesthesia Chairs
SAACSyntax-Based Adaptive Arithmetic Coding
SAACStacked Amino Acid Complex
SAACSpecial Assistant for Arms Control
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SAAC will be holding a number of 'Specialist Valuation Days' at the Abernyte Centre, between Perth and Dundee, which everyone is welcome to attend and bring along up to four items to be valued by an expert in return for a donation to the charity.
It was the opportunity to sum up the results of the SAAC members' joint efforts and discuss further steps to effectively counter the use of fake steel products in the region, said a statement.
A recent study commissioned by SAAC, which comprises 18 manufacturers of steel tubular products, found that 53% of industry professionals in the GCC have personally encountered fake steel products during their day-to-day operations.
The SAAC is working with the industry to develop measures allowing it to detect counterfeit material and forged certificates.
Worcester State's SAAC, which has about 40 members, has been active on campus and in the community.
Con el fin de analizar las relaciones de concomitancia existentes entre empatia y resolucion de conflictos, se calcularon los coeficientes de correlacion de Pearson con las puntuaciones obtenidas en el SAAC y en el CONFLICTALK, para chicos y chicas, de forma independiente, debido a las diferencias existentes en estas variables entre ambos sexos (vease Tabla 3).
DavRyan, SAAC treasurer, said he did not know Mr O'Shaugnessy but said it was common for light aircraft to fly in from the UK.
The agreement on SAFTA was signed in Dhaka in April 1993 by the SAAC members, providing a legal framework for trade liberalization and strengthening intra-regional economic cooperation.
Sistemas aumentativos y complementarios (SAAC) del habla: los SAAC del habla consisten principalmente en una serie de sistemas software encaminados a aumentar y complementar la comunicacion de las personas con deficiencia auditiva.
The AK advisory panel helped to promote SAAC use throughout the school district.
El canal Accpac esta integrado por empresas pequenas que manejan al mercado mediano: Mandos Consultores, OS Soluciones, Corponet, Kit Consultores, Munticonsulting, Sistemas de Aprendizaje y SAAC.
The contracts were received by Stefan Falk, SIPU International AB, SAAC AB, the Danish company T&B Consult A/S, and the British companies IMCL Ltd, The Crown Agents for Overseas Governments and Administrations Limited, CIPFA Institute of Public Finance Limited and Consulting Africa Limited.