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SAAMSmithsonian American Art Museum
SAAMSexual Assault Awareness Month (National Sexual Violence Resource Center)
SAAMSeattle Asian Art Museum
SAAMSoftware Architecture Analysis Method (SEI)
SAAMState Archery Association of Massachusetts
SAAMSemi-Active Air-To-Air Missile (Ace Combat game)
SAAMSwing and a Miss (gaming community)
SAAMSurface-to-Air Anti-Missile
SAAMState Administrative & Accounting Manual
SAAMSkill at Arms Meeting (UK)
SAAMSoftware Architectural Analysis Method
SAAMSelective Alpha Air Monitor
SAAMScenario-based Architecture Analysis Method
SAAMSmart Acquisition and Analysis Module
SAAMSpecial Assigned Airlift Mission (US DoD)
SAAMSwiss Association of Assets Managers
SAAMScience And Applications Mission
SAAMSystem for Traffic Assignment & Analysis at Macroscopic Level (European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation)
SAAMSpecial Assignment Airlift/Air Mission
SAAMSouthern African Adventure Motorcycling Association (South Africa)
SAAMSomerville Area Assistance Ministries
SAAMSecure Access and Authentication Module
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It is the second consecutive year SAAM has hosted the indoor championships at Tantasqua.
One of the ventures, in which Boskalis with SMIT will have a 51% holding, will cover the towage market in Brazil and the other one, of which SAAM will own 51%, will cover the Panamanian, Canadian and Mexican markets.
Normal SAAM training includes gun drills on stationary targets, practicing off sticks, offhand and, on command, addressing targets from various angles.
As a result, the SAAM validation process was reduced from 1-6 days to 1-6 hours
Las concentraciones medianas de anilinas y SAAM fueron alrededor de 30 mg [L.
In addition to clearing all types of cargo for movement by air, the CCFT has the added responsibilities of approving foreign military sales (FMS) shipments for air transport and validating SAAMs.
As with the SAAM Precision course, I found it a fantastic learning experience--and also a whole lot of fun.
The traffic management specialist says she thoroughly enjoys the job's challenges, but her favorite responsibility has been the weekly CONUS [Continental United States] Replacement Center (CRC) charter aircraft missions out of Fort Bliss, Texas, which were formerly validated through FORSCOM up until early this year when FORSCOM determined that these missions are better served by SAAMs.
This year's theme for SAAM is "Decide to End Sexual Violence.
Despite significant electronic clutter, the Aster SAAM system's surveillance, fire control, target discrimination, and terminal-phase intercept were all carried out successfully.
Address : Secrtariat gnral - SAAM - Mission des achats, bureau de la stratgie et de l~ingnierie des achats pour la Direction du numrique pour l~ducation - Dpartement des infrastructures et des services pour les tablissements et la vie de l~lve - 61-65 ru