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SAAMISporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute, Inc.
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Formally, Norway acknowledges Saami ethnicity, but in practice the state views the Saami as Norwegians, with no right to make ethnic claims that would limit other Norwegians' rights.
Particular note is taken of the "valuable and varied |instruction' in Saami culture" which the strikers - with megaphone in hand - offer: communal singing, Saami poetry, joik and historical legends.
The Saami alphabet has nine more letters than Norwegian and that alone causes a lot of trouble in translation software and standardization issues.
It was a fine piece by the Saami brothers, because in it they kept the performance simple, with not many vocal variations that qawwals tend to put in to embellish their compositions.
When compared to the situation of other indigenous minority languages in northern Russia, that of the Kola Saami languages is particular.
The importance of describing details of land environment in the Saami language becomes especially apparent when studying the field diaries of ethnographers.
LARGE RIFLE 2,808 47,000 46,000 46,500 CCI 200 2,809 48,000 46,000 46,800 CCI 250 * 2,816 48,500 47,500 47,900 NOTES: SAAMI maximum average pressure for this cartridge is 52,000 c.
A dedicated practitioner of the ancient Indian classical tradition of Khayal, Saami began his lifelong journey into the field of classical music in the 1950s, when he was only 11 years old.
Editor's Note: Because SAAMI's method of notating cartridge names does not utilize the decimal point that has been a standard in firearms publishing for decades, this month's installment of "The Ballistician" column will defer to SAAMI style.
Saami Kabir Khan top-scored with a strokeful 81 off 49 while Gyan Ganesh remained unbeaten on 76 off 55.
Perhaps even more impressive is the top load with 160-grain bullets, often chosen as the optimum 7mm bullet weight by hunters, listed at 3,045 fps--about 100 fps faster than the standard SAAMI muzzle velocity for 160's in the 7mm Remington Magnum, a cartridge with over 20 percent more powder room than the .
Currently, there are three high-speed factory loads that can be found in volume on store shelves that stay within SAAMI pressure specs.