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SAARASubstance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance
SAARASalem Area Amateur Radio Association
SAARASouth African Air Rifle Association
SAARASan Antonio Area Rehabilitation Association (Texas)
SAARASexual Abuse, Assault, and Rape Awareness
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There is a strong consumer demand for flushable products that supports the favorable market development," says Saara Soderberg, vice president, Marketing & Product Management.
SAARA launched her YouTube Channel with "What Languages Sound Like to Foreigners," in which she mimics over a dozen languages.
Al-Naimi said: "The establishment of the Saara alliance is a very welcome initiative and will help stimulate continued economic growth in the kingdom.
In the end, Saara had a Caesarean section after 84 hours in labour and was left exhausted and upset by her ordeal, which she believes contributed to her being diagnosed three months later with postnatal depression.
46) Saara Sarma, "Feminist Interdisciplinarity and Gendered Parodies of Nuclear Iran," in Pami Aalto, Vilho Harle, and Sami Moisio, eds.
Saara Kuugongelwa, Minister of Finance, Namibia, Hon.
Tanja Savukoski, [1] * Aleksandra Twarda, [1] Sanna Hellberg, [1] Noora Ristiniemi, [1] Saara Wittfooth, [1] Juha Sinisalo, [2] and Kim Pettersson [1]
Author(s): Kameel Mungrue, MD, Suresh Moonan, MD, Maryam Mohammed, MD, Saara Hyatali, MD
The mission met with Minister of Finance Honorable Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila; Deputy Minister of Finance Honorable Calle Schlettwein; Bank of Namibia Governor Ipumbu Shiimi, Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Finance Ms.
Saara Metso of Tampere (Finland) University Hospital.
Saara Taina shares experiences from her own unique and personal journey which includes: