SAAVSouth Africans for the Abolition of Vivisection
SAAVSheltering Animals of Abuse Victims (Madison, WI)
SAAVSouth African Assault Vest
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We found that 21 patients were infected by PUUV, 3 by SAAV, and 1 by DOBV (at least a 4-fold higher endpoint titer).
Oliguria (<400 mL/24 h) was noted for 55% of the PUUV patients and all SAAV patients; subsequent polyuria (>2,500 mL/24 h) was noted for 45% of the PUUV-infected patients and in 67% of the SAAV patients.
In summary, no remarkable differences in the clinical course of HFRS caused by PUUV and SAAV were found.
Because at least 2 hantaviruses, PUUV and SAAV, circulate in Estonia, our main aim was to describe the clinical courses of HFRS caused by different hantaviruses.