SAAVSouth Africans for the Abolition of Vivisection
SAAVSheltering Animals of Abuse Victims (Madison, WI)
SAAVSouth African Assault Vest
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We found that 21 patients were infected by PUUV, 3 by SAAV, and 1 by DOBV (at least a 4-fold higher endpoint titer).
Oliguria (<400 mL/24 h) was noted for 55% of the PUUV patients and all SAAV patients; subsequent polyuria (>2,500 mL/24 h) was noted for 45% of the PUUV-infected patients and in 67% of the SAAV patients.
In summary, no remarkable differences in the clinical course of HFRS caused by PUUV and SAAV were found.
Because at least 2 hantaviruses, PUUV and SAAV, circulate in Estonia, our main aim was to describe the clinical courses of HFRS caused by different hantaviruses.
On the other hand, in Estonia and other countries such as Germany, Denmark, Slovakia, Latvia, and Lithuania, where SAAV (or DOBV-Aa, as SAAV is occasionally designated) circulates, no fatal cases have been reported.