SAAVISouth African AIDS Vaccine Initiative
SAAVISouthern Arizona Association for the Visually Impaired (Tucson, AZ)
SAAVISexual Assault and Anti-Violence Information (Utah State University; Logan, UT)
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The MRC has for many years had a non-human primate facility which, in the early years, included baboons, because of availability; more recently rhesus macaques became available after SAAVI purchased a breeding colony.
Two HIV vaccines, designated SAAVI DNA-C2 and SAAVI MVA-C, were deemed suitable for human clinical trials.
SAAVI DNA-C2 was based on a mixture of 2 DNA plasmids.
The first phase I placebo-controlled clinical trial on SAAVI vaccines (approved by the FDA, the MCC, Genetically Modified Organisms Act Executive Council, Division of AIDS, NIH and local research ethics committees) has been undertaken.
SAAVI and its South African colleagues have forged international partnerships and collaborations and attracted national and international funding that have contributed to these historic developments.
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SAAVI aims to develop and test an affordable, effective and locally relevant preventative HIV vaccine for southern Africa in as short a time as possible.