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SABAWSouth Asian Bar Association of Washington
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He wears a plastic watch all these 25 years, wears less than 10 shirts over and over again, eats gulay and saltless sabaw as comfort food, and our home is small.
Sabao has taken your homegrown Filipino favorites to the next level with their nontraditional discipline in cooking the soups and lets you design your own sabaw.
Filipinos have sabaw, with flavours of equal potential.
Sabao playfully takes advantage of everyone's subjective love for soup and and gives you control of what you want in your sabaw.
Interesting is the way Tinong compares Rizal's dining behavior against the vividness and noise of the eating habits of animals that one can still find today, thus: "Wala igkita kaniya ang tawong bastos ug walay pamatasan nga mosuyop sa sabaw sama sa babuy, magsagasa ang baba sa inusap sama sa kabaw, ug magkabulingit ang simud sama sa iro (One cannot find in him an uncouth person who slurps on soup like that of a pig, who chomps noisily like a carabao, and whose face is full of morsels like that of a dog's snout).
Like all Visayas provinces, the basic cooking in Samar is sugba (grilling) and sabaw (soup).