SABFSouth American Business Forum (Argentina)
SABFShenandoah Apple Blossom Festival (Winchester, VA)
SABFSouth Asia Business Forum
SABFSouthern Africa Business Forum
SABFSouth Australian Bridge Federation
SABFSwiss Academy for Banking and Finance
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The SABF will presumably be funded primarily from the 3% freight charges collected by the NMA on all exports and imports.
Prospective shipowners contend that it is reasonable to expect that the Maritime Bank and the SABF will offer soft loans at subsidised interest rates.
All that remains now is for the members of the SABA and SABF to decide if they will do things the easy way or the hard way.
The Concordat, intended to bring the SABA and SABF clubs back under the same umbrella, should finally be signed this weekend, pointing the way forward for the sport.
The SABF are members of the NABC but, Commander Rod Robertson, chairman of the ABA of England, claims Hendry has convinced Europe's governing body to bar Scots kids.
In a letter to John McIntyre, an SABF member who had asked for a place at the course held at HMS Nelson, Robertson said: "The president of the SABA succeeded in ruling out any contact with the SABF for AIBA affiliated governing bodies.
Representatives of the SABA and the SABF met with the Scottish Sports Council yesterday and I understand the Association delegates have agreed to accept all the conditions laid down by the Independent Commission.
But it also specifically addresses the problems we have experienced in Scotland since the sport was split in two with the formation of the SABF three years ago.
The discussion paper, Amateur Boxing: A Way Forward, is intended to improve the popularity and success of boxing in the UK, but it also specifically addresses the problems experienced in Scotland since the sport was split in two with the formation of the SABF three years ago.
He refused even to consider a meeting with the SABF, the breakaway organisation formed as a result of dissatisfaction with the way Hendry was running his organisation.
He claims SABF officials did nothing to protect his fighters.
The Scottish Sports Council has sent letters to the SABA and the SABF asking for outstanding Federation boxers to be given temporary membership of the Association in order to represent Scotland at September's Commonwealth Games.