SACAASouth African Civil Aviation Authority
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Whilst CemAir has successfully regained its AMO approval privileges, the status quo relating to their 12 aircraft remains the same - meaning that the aircraft are yet to be declared as airworthy by the SACAA and released back to service," SACAA said in a statement.
There is no doubt that drones are set to revolutionise the way in which many key industries in South Africa conduct their business," said Albert Msithini, manager of Unmanned Aircraft Systems at the SACAA, and that the new regulations were important in finding a place for drones in the country's development.
She further lauded the whistle-blower and many others who cooperate with the Authority in bringing these matters to the attention of the SACAA, adding that the SACAA will not tolerate any form of unethical conduct by any member of the aviation community.
This also means that CemAir is now in a position to hopefully speed up the process of getting more of their aircraft ready for inspection by SACAA officials.
SACAA has given SA Express an undertaking that it has received the revised documentation and will verify that all outstanding issues have been resolved.
It is regrettable that discrepancies in the submission of procedural paperwork and submission processes between SA Express and SACAA did not correspond.
This document is a public document on the SACAA website, however it must be pointed out that there is no truth in the allegations, as reported in some publications, that the Department of Environmental Affairs has rejected the report of the SACAA.
PDT is among the first organizations that regularly engaged the SACAA with regards to development and promulgation of the RPAS Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems regulations.
Manager of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems department at the SACAA, Albert Msithini, said, "PDT is among the first organisations that regularly engaged the SACAA with regards to development and promulgation of the RPAS regulations.
The decision of the SACAA is to draft a specific regulations for the device, which comes after an outcry against the prohibition on these devices through recreational and professional drone operators.
Most significantly, the agreement enables quicker facilitation of goods between the two countries, and helps eradicate duplicative or redundant measures while still ensuring the highest levels of security that both the TSA and the SACAA require .
ExecuJet Maintenance South Africa holds a SACAA and EASA Part 145 approval as well as most Southern Africa CAA approvals.