SACCHSlow Associated Control Channel
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On the trial in which the subjects were placed in the non-target context NT, Group SACCH consumed 3.
The associative chain saccharine-context-saline could only have been established in the SACCH group, thus increasing the motivational value of the saline solution (compared to the control group, in which the target context was paired with plain water).
All the animals were given two context conditioning trials: animals in group SACCH drank saccharine in the target and acid in a distinctive non-target context during the conditioning trials, whereas animals in group ACID drank acid in the target and saccharine in the non-target contexts.
Animals in group ACID had access to saccharine whereas animals in group SACCH had access to a citric acid solution.
67 ml of saccharine whereas subjects in group SACCH consumed 3.
The analysis of this interaction, simple main effects, showed that groups SACCH and ACID did differ in sessions 4 and 5, Fs(1,14)>4.