SACCSSouth Asian Coalition on Child Servitude
SACCSShip(board) Automated Communications Control System
SACCSSouth Australian Commission for Catholic Schools
SACCSSymposium on Automatic Control and Computer Science
SACCSStrategic Automated Command and Control System (formerly SAC Automated Command & Control System)
SACCSSacrewell Crop Station
SACCSStatistical Analysis of Combinatorial Chemical Sequences
SACCSSAC Automated Command & Control System (USAF; now the Strategic Automated Command and Control System)
SACCSStudent Affiliates of the American Chemical Society
SACCSSocially Active Community Conscious Singles
SACCSStewart and Associates Counseling Services Inc.
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Exelis also provides modernized crypto and ongoing technical support services for the SACCS on contracts previously awarded by the Air Force.
For more information, contact the SACCS Family Placement unit on 01743 850086 or e-mail Familyplacement@saccs.
SACCS, a coalition of over 50 organizations and a network of 700 nongovernmental organizations working on children's rights issues in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, fights against bonded labor, a modern day form of slavery.
SACCS now incorporates the efforts of over 50 organizations in South Asia.
The SACCS gives pass codes authentication and orders for Air Force bombers, nuclear weapons platforms, and support units.
Rymaszewska is Head of Therapy at SACCS (Sexual Abuse Child Consultancy Service), an organization in the UK that aids children who have been abused and uses a toy box as a tool for therapy.
During 1994, SACCS also plans to organize four seminars to teach others advocacy and campaign strategies, recruiting participants through a network of more than 100 non-governmental organizations that have signed up.
The SACCS supplies orders and pass codes authentication for Air Force nuclear weapons platforms, bombers, and support units.