SACISSouthern African Cultural Information System
SACISSan Antonio Community Information System (San Antonio, TX)
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At the time, SACIS was first set up to make sure that the content of the ads to be broadcast (sold by another RAI division called SIPRA) were "ethical,"--basically SACIS was a censor.
Subsequently, at the SACIS offices arrived Leon Darcyl, a cigar-smoking Argentinean who bought most of RAI's variety shows, which he successfully distributed throughout Latin America (Darcyl's company, Telefilms, is now run by his son, Tomas).
The third and fourth SACIS sales were made to Swedish and German TV networks that acquired segments of RAI's Candid Camera programs in order to compare the reaction to the pranks in Italy with those segments produced in Stockholm and Munich.
The company has two sales divisions--international and Italian--with the former Liking over most of the activities of SACIS, while the latter operates in an entirely new sector: the sales of home video, pay and free TV rights and the like on the domestic market.
Unlike SACIS," says Head of Italian Sales Gustavo Van Peteghem, "we are not going to provide our clients with finished goods, such as multimedia packages.
RAI Trade has incorporated most of the activities of one of its predecessors, SACIS, but it is organized differently.
SACIS Nuova Eri (Publishing) Nuova Fonit Centra (Recording) San Marino TV (50%) SIPRA (Ad sales rep) Euronews Sky Data (Co-venture with Carlo de Benedetti)
Between SACIS and RAI, Sodano now administers budgets that total more than $700 million.
Sodano first restructured the SACIS organization, cutting bureaucracy and increasing efficiency by re-assigning TV sales to Giovanna Masella, film sales to Vincenzo Mosca and sports to Gianandrea Ursano.
Back at SACIS, Sodano developed a five-pronged market strategy: forming alliances in the U.
and SACIS tried to buy a movie theater in Manhattan, to showcase Italian movies, a plan which has not yet been abandoned.
For Proietti, a former executive with RAI's SACIS, SBC's major market is Europe, specifically Germany, Spain and France.