SACOGSacramento Area Council of Governments
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In partnership with the Local Government Commission, SACOG has made the Integrated Model for Planning and Cost Scenarios--known as iMPACS--available to local governments and other regional planning organizations in the state, as well as helping provide training.
SACOG is using the grant for projects to increase transit-oriented development and improve the quality of life in the region.
the SACOG blueprint as the inspiration for the new law and its
SACOG is seeking consultant services to redesign and update its website.
SACOG, at its discretion, may extend the MMA contract for design-related services.
The study will build off of the work already done in SACOG s Rural-Urban Connections Strategy (RUCS) and EDCTC s Bay to Basin Recreation and Tourism Roadway Impact Study.
The consultant will receive general direction from the SACOG Project Manager.