SACRSeparate Armored Cavalry Regiment
SACRSoftware Activity Change Request
SACRSociety for Atomic Collision Research (Japan)
SACRSmall Area Contrast Ratio
SACRSandhill Crane (bird species Grus canadensis)
SACRSaint Croix Island International Historic Site (US National Park Service)
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Minister of Correctional Services v Lee (2012) 1 SACR 492 (SCA).
In the SACR training program, students received information about academic barriers and reasonable accommodations; they were provided information detailing the protection they can expect from civil rights laws as well as the responsibilities expected of them; they received training in social competence skills for self-assertion and self-advocacy; and they practiced situational conflict resolution strategies.
not to be convicted for an act or omission that was not an offence under either national or international law at the time it was committed or omitted;" Also see S v Friedman (1) 1996(1) SACR 181 (W).
The SACR seeks to remove the bells so that they can be placed in safe storage until a new home can be found.
Fuhri (1994(2) SACR 829 (A)) it was decided that the photograph of a vehicle whose driver had committed an traffic offence is real evidence, whereas in the S v.
And the SACR will give evidence to a powerful UN committee in Geneva later this year.
SACR says specialist workers can carry them down through a series of trapdoors.
The standard M&S system in place at the time--even SAC's version under SACR 66-12--was not suitable for meeting mission requirements, largely because of combat conditions and inadequate forward-based facilities from which to conduct maintenance operations.
Director of Public Prosecutions, Witwatersrand Local Division 2003 (1) SACR 448 (W).