SACTUSouth African Congress of Trade Unions
SACTUSurveillance and Control Training Unit (Australia)
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That is why CAW has been in the forefront of supporting SACTU, COSATU, the ANC, the Sandinistas.
When the ANC and the PAC were banned in 1960, SACTU members were also forced underground or into exile.
The interviews uncovered a debate within the SACP in 1960 in which the armed struggle decision was criticised from the perspective that the new mode of struggle would lead to the rapid decline of SACTU at the very moment when a highly politicised social movement orientation was becoming effective in mass mobilisations of Gandhi styled non-violent radical action such as the pass burning campaign.
And he makes similar criticisms of the positions adopted by the leadership of SACTU--the trade union movement strongly aligned to the ANC--reflecting on its inability to transform the ANC and leading SACTU to become 'a means of subordinating the "independent" trade unions to Congress, to middle-class politics and leadership' (212).