SACTWUSouthern African Clothing and Textile Workers' Union
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SACTWU papers; the ten subsequent retrenchment affidavits are in G45.
12, Frame Disputes, Retrenchments 1984, SACTWU papers.
1989 stands out as a low point in the competition's history: there was no coverage of the event in Clothes Line (later renamed SACTWU News) or other regional print media, and no queen appears to have been crowned.
88) Crucially, the struggle to defend the Spring Queen was connected to broader attempts by SACTWU women to negotiate and redefine the meaning and practice of democratic trade unionism in the post-apartheid era.
That might even require a ballot," admitted John Eagles, a regional SACTWU officer.
Rumors that private entrepreneurs threatened to stage a "privatized" Spring Queen if SACTWU dropped the pageant may have precipitated the resolution of the debate over its future.
By choosing to rewrite rather than scrap the Spring Queen script, the SACTWU national body recognized women's growing power and prudently preserved a much-loved local cultural tradition.
Emboldened by their successful preservation of the Spring Queen, SACTWU women continued to fight for greater representation and power in the union.
107) SACTWU pressured the government to help stop the hemorrhaging of jobs.
110) SACTWU General Secretary, Ebrahim Patel, NEDLAC's convener for Labor and executive council member, hatched the idea of a Cape Town Fashion Festival and agreed to include the Spring Queen in it.
Due to the global economic downturn, the strong Rand and cheaper imports, at least 65 of the country's estimated 1,500 clothing and textile factories have been forced to close their doors in 2009, said SACTWU.