SACVDSub-Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition
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More than 500 Producer systems have been shipped to customers for SACVD applications, any of which can be upgraded to run the eHARP process.
1) SACVD = sub-atmospheric chemical vapor deposition
The Eterna system extends Applied Materials' proven SACVD technology to provide the gap fill performance and productivity necessary for sub-100nm device applications.
The Eterna system extends our market-leading TEOS/Ozone SACVD technology to handle the stringent inter-layer dielectric (ILD) requirements of future chip generations," said Steve Ghanayem, general manager of the Pre-Metal Dielectric Division of Applied Materials.
Several customers nominated Applied Materials' SACVD process and have testified to its long-term exemplary performance in gap-fill deposition.
Introduced in 1994, Applied Materials' SACVD technology was a revolutionary development that combined ozone with TEOS to achieve exceptional step coverage and void-free deposition in high aspect ratio inter-device gaps.
Applied Materials' SACVD technology can be implemented on both the high-productivity Centura(R) and Producer(R) platforms.
The SACVD Producer 300 is an extremely high throughput CVD system for transistor dielectric CVD films such as shallow trench isolation oxides.
Applied Materials has an installed base of more than 500 SACVD systems at customer sites worldwide, many of which are being used for advanced STI, PMD, and intermetal dielectric (IMD) applications.
Applied Materials' SACVD systems are currently being used by all of the top 25 semiconductor manufacturers worldwide for STI, PMD and intermetal dielectric applications.
Our evaluation confirmed Applied Materials' SACVD technology's reputation for outstanding film quality and productivity in dielectric CVD applications," noted Dr.
Applied Materials introduced the SACVD technology in 1994 on its Precision 5000(R) platform.